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The Tulip Temple



When soul rises
Into lips
You feel the kiss
You have wanted




I am infused with you.
There is no other.
In the gentle wind,
On the petal of your motion,
You wrapped me
like some child needing sleep.
I slept
and woke.
And from the dormant lake bed,
I crawled through your lips
and felt the moistness of your heart.
Resting on your tongue,
well before words,
I tasted Love.
the lake was full.
And we swam,
floating on the many layers.
You washed the dust from my feet,
letting the moment dissolve into water,
blessing the ground where we had stood.
Infused with You,
breathing in the sage,
(Oh! the wisdom of the Exhale!)
We sat
like the Tulips,
regal and elegant,
but bowing to the gentle wind.
JoJo Doig
Sept 11, 1999


© Eva A. Lindberg 2016

Poetry and Prose

Here is a small collection of writings from tulip healers, guests and others...

Tulips bloom/dt>
Too much fun
To miss this
Cynthia Liuska
Sept. 1999


"Among the most beloved of garden flowers, the Tulip is possible the only flower in history to have inspired mass hysteria; seventeen century Holland experienced in the infamous Tulipomania craze, when speculation in Tulip bulbs raged out of control for several years."

Quote from the book "Tulips"
Friedman/ Fairfax Publishers


Hands clasp
In the delicate fleshes
that are separated only by skin

I feel your pulse, same as my own 
In the world of my closed eyes
I feel hands touch me
painting love into my form
My sight opens out of this dream
eyes awakening as if an egg unfolding,
Anew with vision
A woman, welcomed to sit in your throne,
Cries underneath your touch
Spirit of angels
You give and she joins
You all roar, all sing
As one heart

Jaykub Young  
Tulip Temple Guest,
Burning Man 1999 





"The garden's fire with joyful blaze. Oh, tulips in the morning rays."

Ralph Waldo Emerson