Even in the midst of chaos you can find the tranquil Tulip Temple sanctuary!


@ BurningMan...


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Tulip Temple held its first Tulip Healing event at BurningMan in 1999 and was the first Healing Sanctuary - there was nothing like it!   BurningMan annual events in Black Rock City, Nevada are amazing & phenomenal - where people come to create their dreams, build temporary villages, be expressive, artistic and very creative.

  • Tulip Temple @ Burning Man:

    Having been to Black Rock Desert since 1994, and missing a sacred space to be in, brought the idea to have the Tulip Temple at BurningMan. In addition to the general Tulip Temple vision, there was also the wish to create a sacred womb-like vessel for peace and healing within the creative chaos and constant 24 hour energy of the outside events.

    After its first birth in 1998, Tulip Temple was the first Healing Sanctuary at BurningMan in 1999. The next year there were a few more quieter spaces and now it is a wider common theme to have healing among these more outgoing & crowded Festivals....
    People love it, and get lost in an inner world despite noise, wind and dust.
    Tulip Temple visitors love the contrast of Tulip Healing within the otherwise outgoing whirlwind of BurningMan. It creates a great Inner Space to absorb all other activities, as well as coming to rest, be taken care of, and to have a moment for one self.
  • Tulip Temple also brought inspiration for others to embrace sacred space, blossoming and deeper love.
  • Tulip Temple also holds events all year around in the Bay Area. 

Tulip Temple first year at Burningman was in 1999 and came back every year after that...


Tulip Temple 2000

Tulip Temple 1999
The TWO-LIPS were created as a means to enter into the Sacred space of the TU-LIP Sanctuary
and into the Womb space
of Inner Love...


Tulip Temple 2002

Evita the Tulipita

Tulip Temple 2002

Tulip Temple 2001

Tulip Temple 2000

Tulip Temple 1999

Tulip team 1999

Tulip Dome 2002



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