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The Tulip Temple




We appreciate
being able to share
the experiences
of others...















































Guest Quotes


"Rarely do we find a place with such a commitment to compassion and color, healing and tulips. Fun, artsy, heavenly... A haven and refuge as an inspired and creative home for all. Eva, her Temple, and her work evoke wild imagination and sublime respect. Wow!""right">James Wanless, Author of the "Voyager Tarot Deck", 2004

"I have only had one Tulip Temple experience, but it is burnt into my memory for eternity, because of the intensity of the loving generosity expressed there."

Shalom, Photographer, "Plush Studios", San Rafael, CA. 2004

"I was moved, touched, and inspired by the love and compassion with which the Tulip Temple healers treat their patrons. Who needs Prozac, when there are the Temple healers out there..."

Ivan D. Mitchell, MD, summer 2002,

"Eva and the Tulip pamperers have created the ultimate oasis for our events; many have included Tulip Temple and our fans are always grateful for this unique chill zone".

Matt Venuti of The Venusians

"Your Tulip Temple is such a divine manifestation! BRAVO to YOU!"

Jane Heaven, "KPFA radio", Berkeley

The Tulip Temple created amazing altered spaces and rooms at so many of our events (Anon Salon's Perfumed Garden, Somarts, all of the Mystic Dance / Venusian events etc.)
Honor thyself... visit a Tulip Temple event and be pampered by the Tulip Temple as they honor you as the Goddess or God that you are.

Mark Bava, "Anon Salon", San Francisco, 2004

"The Tulip Temple experience transported me back to middle east (or ancient times), like the Kings & Queens who were treated like royals as they were lovingly anointed or pampered by their caretakers....... An archetypal experience that transported me to feel like an ancient King".

Dr. Michael Mayer, Bodymind Healing Publications, 2004

"The Tulip Temple is a lovely, nurturing and cozy event.
Gentle and healing."

Jacqueline Lasahn, "Astro Flash", Astrologer

"You have given to me through the love of your Tulip Temple, great joy, peace in my heart and sacred bliss in my body.
My love comes back to you ten thousand fold, blowing softly over a Tulip fold of red and green."

Celestine Star, Golden Star Production, 2001

THANK YOU so much for a most magical and memorable and rapturous evening. Expansive and inclusively sacred, self sourcing and life affirming!!! It was most wonderful to experience being honored, anointed, cleansed, massaged and touched by such remarkable and available and knowable kindred spirits.

Hannah Seelig, 24 April 2000

"Spirits filled with light

Hearts open and touched with love

Minds relaxed and free of worry

Bodies cleansed and healed.

Though many be our colors

We dance and sing and grow together."

Scott Milne, March 6, 2001

"The most fabulous experience I had in a very long time, and things I should do more often in my real life. Thank you so much & hope to come again".

                                                                                  Brick, Nevada 2001

"My soul traveled through the heart of your hands, love, freedom, spirit. Hold my hand and love will find me. Thank you!"

Calgary, Canada, 2001