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The Tulip Temple




Does your Spirit need a recharge?

Do you miss being Loved & Pampered?

Allow yourself to be healed by the gentle Tulip Touch!






















































If you would like to be pampered by skilled and caring healers, Let go of the day to day routine and be healed by the gentle Tulip Touch.


Tulip Temple healing site in Marin California.

Eva Lindberg

As the originator of the Tulip Healing and with years of diverse experience in therapy and leading groups, I offer you a special gift of Coming Home to Yourself. This profoundly unique Tulip Healing - which allows you to drop your worries and be pampered with loving touch and tender depth -combines the conscious healing of Reiki, Deep Tissue Massage, Readings, with the honoring and love symbolized by the Tulip flower. I am a witness for you to access your core self through a "Royal Tulip Treatment" - which opens you to self-empowerment, deeper love of self and inner bliss.

Does your spirit need a recharge?
Do you miss being loved and pampered?

Eva Ariela Lindberg, has a Masters in Psychology and Drama Therapy from CIIS. In addition she has completed Masters degrees in Humanities and Leadership, UCS. Training; Institute for Intuitive Energy Processing, Shamanic Healing, Avatar; Reiki and Deep Tissue Massage; Feng Shui and Space Clearing; Color Therapy; and Multidimensional Artist training.

A Visit by the Tulip Temple ensemble
will be a memorable event.
We will travel to you, set up the Tulip Temple sanctuary,
and provide you with excellent loving care.

Private Sessions offered at the Special Sanctuary in Marin,
or at your home or Event...

Call Eva at (510) 527-4389, or