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The Tulip Temple

Come to be pampered...
Love thyself as your Neighbor...
Be honoured as Kings and Queens...

Our healers will make you feel comfortable, as you recline on a soft cushiony mat.

You will be offered a hot towel for your face.

Your hands and feet will be washed.

Your clothed body will be gently massaged.

You will be served juicy fruit, drinks and chocolates.

Your well being and comforts will be the devoted attention of your Tulip healer, who will send you off with loving words as your drift off to an honoured place.

Cuddling with your Tulip by mutual consent….you inner child like self relaxing.

When ready you will be guided to your throne to embrace your power.

It is our Mission to Serve You.






































© Eva A. Lindberg 2016




Tulip Temple is a unique sanctuary for meditation and clothed-on bodywork.honour you with care and pampering.

Completely attuned to each guest's comfort and permission, Tulip Temple offers a
ritual washing of face, hands, & feet; loving tender touch & healing.

Our intention provides for a retreat of meditative music, gentle massage, evocative fragrances, and special pampering in which you can release as much of your everyday worries
and concerns as you may choose.

The Tulip Healing ambiance allows you to return to the quiet peace that resides within you;
to your childlike spirit as well as connecting to the "Regalness" with in you.

Tulip Temple travels and can come to your home, party, event, or place of business.

Originated by Tulip founder Eva Ariela Lindberg, Tulip Temple is a service of the heart to every guest from each Tulip Keeper. Since a young age Eva nurtured a strong will to create a Healing Center. The ideas for the Tulip Temple crystallized in 1995 when Eva envisioned the symbolic gesture of giving tulips to everyone she met as a delicate heart to heart gift. She expanded on this idea in writing her Masters thesis at UCS in California from which she graduated in 1997. The thesis also shows the parallel between a Tulip growing to fruition and the growth of a proposed healing center called the "Kin of Kiva".

Eva's web site: www.evadeva.com

In ancient Persia, Tulips were considered to be the symbol of perfect love. With their beautiful heart shaped bowls of color and sturdy, upright stems, Tulips have been loved, revered, bred and cultivated throughout history.

Eva and Tulip guest Scott
Passion Center, 2002

Tulip Temple Healers Gail & Mark with Guest in Woodacre, Marin 2004

The Tulip practitioners are called Tulip Helpers as they symbolically hold the space of the Tulip Temple in a caring and nurturing way. Many of the Helpers are professional body workers; most have done extensive self-growth work. The Helpers are skilled in creating a safe sanctuary in which guests can relax into a blissful experience. With your permission and participation the Helpers will facilitate your experience of Tulip Temple.

In an environment of comfort and contemplative music, the Helpers offer their focused attention, listening, and-with your permission-gentle and safe touch, all of which are intended to support a quieting of the mind and opening of the heart. In this way, Tulip Temple supports your loving self-perception and a restorative re-connecting with your self.

If you would like to be pampered by skilled and caring healers, Tulip Temple is a unique experience. Come to our sanctuary in Marin County. Let go of the day to day routine and be healed by the gentle Tulip Touch.

A Visit by the Tulip Temple ensemble will be a memorable event. We will travel to you, set up the Tulip Temple sanctuary, and provide you with excellent loving care.
Call for more detailed information at (510) 527-4389, or email:

For Private Tulip Healing please contact Eva Ariela Lindberg at (510) 527-4389,
or see
Private Healing.